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The products manufactured by BioMart are primarily used as additives and intermediate materials for medicine, food, nutrition, and health products. Currently, its product lines primarily center on the products related to KMOS (Konjak Manno-oligosaccharides). In the near future, BioMart will launch new product lines in other emerging areas to diversify its product portfolio.

(1). Pharmaceutical grade P98-95KMOS (raw material product 1)

P98-95KMOS refers to KMOS with purity of 98-95%. It is mainly used for pharmaceutical raw materials or intermediates as a precursor and ingredient for fermentation of lentinan and mannopeptin, the two medicines being used in inhibiting tumor metastasis, anti-virus and highly efficient immune adjustment. KMOS takes part in synthesis of mannopeptin and increases the yield five times.

KMOS combining with calcium, iron, zinc, and other micronutrients can increase the absorption efficiency of these micronutrients. KMOS combining with chromium to form CrKMOS can reduce blood sugar level. The esterification of sulfuric acid and KMOS to form KMOS heparin can be used for anti-thrombosis. KMOS can also be chemically modified to treat poisoning of heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.) by chelating the metals in the body and transporting out of the body through the kidney.

(2). Food and chemical grade P95-90KMOS (raw material product 2)

P95-90KMOS refers to KMOS with purity of 95-90%, which is mainly used as a functional food ingredient or additive. P95-90KMOS is the only oligosaccharide that can be easily added into food products such as beer, wine, coffee, chocolate, instant noodle, top grade milk powder and beverages without altering the color, taste, or texture of these foods. This is because only a low dosage of KMOS (0.7g to 1.4g daily) is required because of its high purity and high biological activities. The P90KMOS would help those downstream enterprises to upgrade their products for new profit growth.

P95-90KMOS can be used as an accessory ingredient or additive of daily use chemical products. It can effectively restrain harmful bacteria (e.g. fungus) to alleviate physiological discomfort of the body when used in cosmetic products.


(3). Vet-drug P90-80 and feed grade P80-35KMOS (raw material product 3)

These products are mainly used as a raw material in veterinary medicine and as an ingredient in concentrated feedstuff, premixed feedstuff, and feed additives. It can significantly reduce harmful bacteria (e.g. E.coli), improve the intestinal tract micro-environment in the animals, prevent diarrhea, and rapidly increase the weight of the feeding animals when used in veterinary medicine, concentrated feedstuff, premixed feedstuff, and feed additives.


(4). Functional health foods (end products)

Health food containing KMOS can significantly increase the quantity and activity of the Bifidobacteria (beneficial bacteria) in the intestinal tract, thus improving the gastrointestinal environment, prevent diarrhea, protect stomach mucosa, and enhance immunity. Health food containing KMOS are beneficial for everybody from healthy people to critical ill patients (such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment patients). Varieties of functional food are listed below:

A. Powder and liquid with gastrointestinal health factors

Made from KMOS, the powder and liquid can significantly increase the intestinal Bifidobacteria (quantity and activity), prevent diarrhea, protect gastric mucosa, and prevent liver from alcohol damage after drinking.


B. Capsules for lowering blood lipid for older population

Specially combined with shell oligosaccharides, the capsule reduces fat in blood, enhances immunity, delays aging for the older population. Meanwhile, it can also effectively restrain mutations of cancer genes and the spread of cancer cells.

C. Capsules for assisting endocrine mediation for gynecology

Specially combined with soybean isoflavones, the capsule has physiological functions of assisting endocrine mediation, maintaining estrogenic hormone level of the body, improving period discomfort, delaying menopause, and improving ovarian function, and the quality of sexual intercourse.