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Corporate Profile

BioMart was formed in 2011 as a privately held bio-product manufacturer with a research and development division with a mission to understand and apply the science of bioengineering to develop and manufacture unique and innovative technologies and products to meet the needs in the pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, and feed industries.

BioMart owns or has exclusively licensed patents or patent applications covering different technology platforms and their applications, e.g. patented enzyme and technologies acting on the substrate form unique sugar chain structure and polymerization degree of sugar molecules; patented integrated core technologies and methodologies for producing high purity KMOS.

With a highly innovative research and development team in the Silicon Valley, BioMart capitalizes on its core technologies in KMOS, continue to create new derivative products from KMOS and related technologies, and is working to diversify its core technology to other emerging directions and fields. Examples include comprehensive development and application of shrimp and crab shells used as raw materials to produce chitin, chitosan, and shell oligosaccharides, which are important intermediates for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries with a good market prospect and high profit projections; development and application of enzymatic engineering and technologies to produce cellulose-based biomass energy with major products being fuel ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-plastic, and a series of derivative products. Their comprehensive economic benefits are remarkable and the development prospect is brilliant.

BioMart is currently self-funded, shareholders of the company are subject to all of the risks associated with the investments in the company and all of its businesses, assets, and liabilities.

Investors/parties interested in equity or acquisition are welcomed to contact us directly.